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About Nova Studio

“We set out to create a design studio that is like

nothing else in Los Angeles.”

Meet Faye and Said:
Welcome to Nova Studio. We are Faye Rezaie and Said Rafiezadeh. Our first company was in our home land of Italy but we had a dream of opening an Italian styled studio right here in Los Angeles. Since our first day in business we have always taken every project personally. We work as if we were designing for the homes of our family members and the people we love.

Our Reputation:
In our 15 years in business, we have built a solid reputation as the design studio that stays within their client’s budgets more so than any other boutique designer showroom in Los Angeles. We know that you can get products similar to ours in other showrooms around town. So why do our clients keep coming back? It is simply about trust. We have worked hard to earn and keep the trust of well over 500 home owners, many of whom have returned to us multiple times and encouraged their friends to work with us as well.

Old World Tradition:
Having started in Italy we are rooted in the style of European business people. As in Italy, you are a guest in our studio. We offer a cup of coffee. We wait for you to ask us questions. We sit and talk so that we may discover what is most important to YOU. If it feels right that we should work together, only then do we begin discussing business. When it comes time to order your products from Italy we aren’t just sending files between computers. We know by name the owners of the shops and workers. Much of the work is still done by hand by skilled craftsman and their families who have been creating beautiful designs for generations. Often times we pick up the phone and call them. Having lived there, we have visited factories there many times and used to watch them assemble our products. These people are our friends and work hard to make sure we are pleased with what they create for us.

Our Process:
Once we start working together, we begin by creating a 3D computer design of your kitchen or other living space. We want you to see exactly what it will look like before you place any orders with us. From there we work together to fine tune your design to your exact specifications and desires. Next, we present you with a quote. If you are happy with it, we ask for a deposit. If not, we keep working with you until you are satisfied with the cost.

Following that, we visit to your home and take measurements and photographs. We do a preliminary design, suggest appliances, fixtures and products or simply use the ones you want. Then we have a much longer discussion about your design. Clients find that this is often the most exiting part of the process. You are literally in the center of creating your new living space. You can see it unfold live and on screen.

Once we have finalized the design with your approval, we call out trusted craftsmen in Italy to begin working on your products.

We stay in contact with them during the building process to make sure everything is up to our high standards. Then your new products are put on a boat and shipped directly from the Italian factory.

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