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Synonymous with the urban lifestyle, NOVA STUDIO has become the epicenter of contemporary furnishing and interior design in Los Angeles.  NOVA STUDIO is more of a state of mind than a fashion statement; it is about redefining the way we live in the modern world.  It is about personalization, about creating space that reflects the way we live as an individual. 

Our collection is characterized by its unique variety of finishes, details and accessories and features.  Everything that today’s homeowner needs to create that perfect urban setting can be found with NOVA STUDIO products, personalized and coordinated design, affordable, yet exclusive. Our products are not simply objects of high quality craftsmanship and leading edge technology; they are an investment that will be treasured for years yet to come. 

Come visit us on Beverly Blvd and discover the finest in Italian kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, lighting, furniture, and more.